Thursday, January 17, 2013

Art Project Update

Some months ago I began a project that I knew would be slow-going but worthwhile. In fact, it proved incredibly slow-going at the beginning but I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the results. I just wanted to share with you some of the products of Simplify & Amplify, my own personal art collection project that aims to capture the artistic talents of folks I know through Twitter. I hope to collect more as days go by, so if you'd like to participate, let me know (reminder: I'm not trying to hit you up for free art. I'm willing to pay reasonably, within my means, for good work).

Caveat: It doesn't have to be a painting. It doesn't even have to be visual. Things I haven't yet acquired through this project I'd love to have: sketch, handwritten poem, sculpture, blown glass, woodcarving, treasure map, interocetor schematic, ironwork, sheet music, photography, needlepoint Cthuhlu, lapdance.... I could go on.

In any case, here are some examples of incredible art I've picked up through this project.  The first I got was from @Trilety - an amazing portrait & poem. The portrait was done from a handful of photos she'd seen of me, and amazingly the coloring is reflective of my own self-image. The included poem at the bottom is also a deeply personal dedication, the likes of which could only be the product of dozens of late-night bare-all conversations distilled through 140-character limitations. I love this piece and am proud to display it.

This next one is by @Chanonista, This is a two-part piece, the painting and its tweet-companion. I just got it back from the framer & it's not hanging yet, but it's representative of one of my favorite aspects of "weird twitter," the idea that life might just be a silly dream & the world a make-believe sandbox. If you haven't experienced this, let me know and I'll give you a dozen folks to follow. You'll see through a child's eyes again in a matter of weeks.

As you can see, it's awesome so far, but the main thing is that I want you to send me a part of you - something of your choice either inspired by something you've written or something that exemplifies what this community or framework means to you. If you'd like to pair it with a past or future tweet that's even better, but not required. I want you to do the art you want to do, whatever part of you that you'd like to share with me.

**P:ending projects: @hell_doe is painting me a 4-piece set, it'll be amazing. @whyamikeenan has a map for me last I checked. Several others have expressed interest and I'm excited!

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