Sunday, August 26, 2012

Simplify & Amplify (An Art Project)

Apologies for the extended absence, life has demanded my attention such that long form mass communication has become dificult, thus you'll have noticed lots of activity on my Twitter feed as I find 30 seconds to breathe here and there.

I've found that Twitter itself has enabled me to do a lot in a very limited word space, and that's transitioned wonderfully into my life as I simplify and amplify the things around me. I've moved to a Tiny Apartment and find myself wanting to do a lot in a very small amount of space and with short resources. I'm rapidly getting rid of clutter and slowly replacing some of it with things of some importance. The cleaning of my life has nearly completed, and I'm beginning a restoration of sorts.

My newest project of sorts is that I'd like to collect pieces of art from people I meet through Twitter, preferably that are either conceptually based on or working within the framework of the basis of Twitter - doing a lot with a little space, or one simple idea with lots of implied, resonant meaning. It could be  as simple as painting on a small canvas, drawing something that efficiently utilizes negative space, hand writing your favorite tweet & doodling what comes to mind, a play on the concept of "140 characters," or whatever strikes you. If you're interested in being part of this please let me know on Twitter @beardedskeptic or through this blog's connected email address.

**Part of this is that I'm also working with limited financial resources (part of why I'm in Tiny Apartment), so please keep that in mind if you'd like to participate. I want to pay for time, effort, shipping, etc but if I drop my humble budget on one piece it won't be much of a collection.

***Yes, I realize the irony in talking about my Twitter project on a long-form blog, I just felt a need to talk about simplicity at length.

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