Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Problem with Calling Bieber a GIrl

Just follow me here, people, it's relevant I promise - and I'll keep it short & sweet. 

I'm going to take maybe an unpopular stance here and say we as a people should stop hurling epithets at Justin Bieber for being effeminate. Why, you say? Well, as a fan of comedy I'll say that first off, for Pete's sake, it's been done. Drop it. If it was ever funny, it's not any more. At best, this could be a one-time chuckle, but it's vacant because it gives no insight and offers no meaningful commentary. It's bad comedy at best, and you just shouldn't do bad comedy.

More importantly, his masculinity or lack thereof has nothing to do whether he's a good person, and it damned sure doesn't have anything to do with whether he can make good music. The quick proof I'll offer is this - Sir Elton John and Prince don't exude traditional masculinity, and they made some of the best damned music of the century, period.

Realize that to call someone a girl as an epithet that you're lending credence to either the idea that it's bad to be a girl, or the idea that it's unacceptable to step outside assigned gender roles. I know that I've done it as a cheap joke before, but I've decided that if I don't agree with it intellectually I have to try to purge the undercurrent from my head, which means that this behavior is not okay. Granted, say what you will about his musical talent or lack thereof- but focus on that so we can have a meaningful discussion. Maybe take a couple of minutes to think on that if you think that Prince can jam.

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