Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spooky Texting From a Distance

... OR: Regarding the Time I Guessed the Arguments of a Christian Physicist.

Bandwidth Warning: Lots of screenshots.

Well, Tuesday night one of my favorite places to grab a beer in the whole of Oklahoma City, Saints Pub in the Plaza District, hosted what was said to be the first of their Think & Drink nights. I was very sad to find out last Friday that I would be unable to attend, and once it got underway I was even more perturbed at my non-attendance. It turns out the physicist I'd heard so much about (If someone knows his name, please tell me, because the people I knew there did not recall) was basically sponsored by a local church and was there to specifically discuss the compatibility of science and religion, not by diluting the concept of God so much that it's meaningless (as I often see), but by compromising the rigors of science so much that anything goes. The end result apparently came off far more like an apologetics sermon than a science talk, and there was no dissenting voice present except for a few audience members during Q&A.

A couple of friends were in attendance, and my good friend Machaelie was in attendance and was kind enough to give me updates when he uttered suspect claims. What follows is the product of me in apoplectic fury from my hotel room in Mississippi guessing from her prompts what he'd talked about. I do *not* know the exact content of his talk beyond what you will see; I still do not know his name, though I'm told he's a physics professor at the University of Oklahoma; and I do not know exactly how close my guesses came. That said, my friend was amused and horrified when I guessed pretty close. The following images are edited only for redundancy and to leave out the names of a few innocents. Machaelie and I take full responsibility for our statements, though.

**Disclaimer: I love this pub and assume that either 1) the physicist was less than forthcoming about his agenda, 2) the pub misunderstood the goals of the physicist and took him on hoping for the best, 3) the pub knew his agenda and planned to present this, followed perhaps by a dissenting voice during the next installment or at least a neutral voice. I assume this because I love this pub, and because I think people try to do their best (See here).

Anyway, as you'll see by the end of this conversation, good will come of it either way because she got to promote for the Oklahoma Atheists by identifying & reaching out to like-minded folks just as Pastor Physicist did. Please to enjoy me having a huge fit and Machaelie trying to have a fit but apparently being in shock.

 ... And I'll leave you with one last shot. After I calmed myself down and asked one of my favorite local anti-apologists his opinion he offered this, almost dismissingly. 

Well, at least it wasn't just the two of us. Anyway, my offer still stands, favorite pub: I'd be happy to help you round up and/or vet your speakers. But as always at this, my favorite pub, no matter the discussion or how heated it gets, it begins with a drink and ends with a handshake.

Also, before anyone comes at me with it, no I am not a physicist. No I am not better-credentialed than this guy. No, that fact does not render my arguments invalid, because the arguments must stand on their own. I'm personally attacking this guy's *presumed* arguments based on what I've seen before, and I'm sharing our text conversation for *fun*. He's as free to promote his ideas as I am of mine.

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  1. That was a fun read. :) I also wish I could have been there. Next time!