Monday, January 16, 2012

Someone is WRONG on the INTERNET.

I didn't want to stay up til half past 12 pulling out what's left of my hair trying to help some poor girl who means well but is doing harm. Sometimes you just have to. Names redacted to protect the unwitting. Thanks to Steven Novella for a goodly amount of the linked source material.

For the record, on one hand I feel really bad spilling science all over this girl's page when all she wanted was to be a fierce, independent person in control of her own destiny. It's odd how being the bearer of news such as "They're really not out to get you, everything's going to be fine and I have a goodly amount of evidence!" somehow leads to wearing the mantle of hatemonger, censor, and enemy of personal freedoms. My diplomat side is glad that it ended amicably with an agreement to disagree, but my debater/predator side is slavering that the skeptic must again somehow carry the entirety of the conversation being the only person that is familiar with all the information presented. For Pete's sake, I was charitable and didn't link anything from Orac! Ah, such is life.

In other news, I think it's probably a good idea for me to get out of the business of facebook arguments with 20 year olds. I didn't want to make a big deal of this, and I honestly hope it doesn't end up being an embarrassment to this perfectly-nice acquaintance of mine (who I do not doubt will promptly block me).

Really, though, I should have just Dillahunty'd her and said "The beginning of your argument rests squarely on a false premise, therefore I refuse to address the rest of it." Then I'd have gone to bed 2 hours ago. Live and learn. Now I'm off, I have an early plane to catch and I haven't fully packed yet.
Edit: Secondary rant, a comment on this thread on the Secret Atheist Facebook Group. It's where we're planning the war on christmas.
...Because clearly a vaccine would make it onto the market if "most" people in extensive trials experienced organ failure and neurological damage. How is it that people that shout loudly against any sort of regulations for securities, environmental concerns, etc due to market reasons honestly have no faith that the free market will take care of itself regarding products that apparently irreparably mangle the majority of their target markets?


  1. These people are insane. The "vaccines cause autism" argument (which makes me foam at the mouth) that I've heard goes something like this:

    Well, 98% of autistic kids have had x vaccination, so therefore the vaccination caused autism.

    Really, genius? Let's not mention that also 98% (or more) of non-autistic kids were exposed to the EXACT SAME vaccine, or that kids begin developing behaviors related to later autism diagnoses at sometime soon after birth, well before being exposed to vaccines. Nah, let's not use reality at all. Hard Science aside (since clearly you can't grasp things like the math involved in human trials, let alone the processes that must occur before human trials are allowed), let's not look at any facts. GRRR. Good show not getting all yelly, Travis. I'm not sure I could have.

  2. The Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc fallacy is rampant in magical thinking like this.

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