Monday, December 5, 2011

Blogging Part 1: Introduction, purpose, fair warnings

Hiya kids, Travis here. You may know me from twitter as @beardedskeptic or you may have just stumbled across. I've intended to start blogging for a while, but the necessity didn't hit me until recently. I started my journey into talking about what matters through my twitter account. That mattered because it allowed me to begin toying with writing for a different audience, one that doesn't overlap all that much with my Facebook friends in that Venn diagram in my mind. It was also important because it forced me to become acquainted with brevity, which is a relatively new concept to me.

So what's the point? I have some goals for this as an adventure into long-form blogging. It's primarily going to be a place to gather my thoughts and help them coalesce into something coherent, though what you read may not seem to qualify all the time. What kind of blog is it going to be? Well, the address should be pretty telling. A quick primer for anyone that doesn't already know me, I'm a world beard competitor (see and a skeptical thinker here in Oklahoma, the buckle of the bible belt. This will likely deal primarily with my adventures in skepticism, with a healthy dose of the world of competitive bearding, as well as dalliances with other things that are happening in my life such as dating, bar hopping, health, food, and travel.

So why the name? For now the title of the blog is One Bite at a Time. It's drawn from something my father always says to me when I take on a lot of projects and get flustered. "How do you eat an elephant?" he asks, and I know the answer is "One bite at a time." I've internalized this, and it's helped me as I've taken on more projects. My job keeps me out of town 2-3 weeks of the month, so even though I've lived at my new apartment for two months, I've really been here about three weeks. I still have boxes lying about, and the decor is probably best currently described as "sad bachelor." Amidst all this, it's time to start talking about my next annual beard contest for the club, and I've agreed to give a talk on science-based medicine (also known as medicine) for the Oklahoma Atheists' monthly lecture series - I'll be the March installment of the Disbelief Discourse, which is a great honor since past lecturers include Seth from The Thinking Atheist, Abbie Smith from ERV, and too many others to name.

Time for disclaimers. If you're here just to hear about beards and don't like skeptical thinking, this is probably the wrong blog for you. There are only so many ways to say "Hey, this thing on my face is great!" Also, I plan to be actively updating, but I don't foresee myself being so active (especially at first) as the big guys. Remember, I'm eating this elephant one bite at a time. Once I catch my stride it may be at a quicker pace.

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